Robopoc: SciFi Third Person Shooter


Requires Android
5.1 and higher

Available on Google Play

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Robopoc: SciFi Third Person Shooter


Robopoc is Third Person Shooter It contains advanced mechanics.
Using the UE4, Robopoc: SciFi Third Person Shooter has modern 3D Graphics.
All Upcoming additions to the game, Levels, Weapons, .. will be free!
Will add optimization for more devices.

*Anyone who has purchased the game if they wish can get a computer version of the game.

Major features:

• Cover system
• Human AI (hostile and friendly)
• Paragon characters
• Quick time events system
• Ladder and ledge climbing
• Stealth kill

Technical Details


– Running
– Crouching
– Sprinting
– Jumping
– Slide
– Vault for player and AI
– Side kick attack for player and AI
– Crouching walk
– Rolling (during close up aiming and normal aiming)


– Shooting
– Guns – assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, silenced pistol
– Weapons change
– Weapons reload (for player and AI)
– Cover system – blind shooting
– Decals on bullet hit points
– Turret enemy
– Covering system for AI
– AI look for player after lost sight
– Objects reacting to certain type of weapon
– HUD hit indicator
– Deadly obstacles
– Simple checkpoint system
– Launchpad
– Pickable items – (health, ammo)
– Elevator
– Pathnode animation system for human AI
– Gamepad support for gameplay
– Save game framework
– Pause menu
– Laser sight
– Flying bot enemy
– Flying pulsing plasma enemy
– Spawn drop component
– Loot objects
– Player noise system
– Exploding barrel
– Physical material which make noise and alert enemies
– Enemies are able to alarm each other
– Destroyable cover points and vault for AI
– Shield for enemies with autoregenerated health
– Surveillance camera
– HUD notification


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